How We Work

Through a unique collaboration of industry-leading experts and technology, we have created a digital platform that enables science through the power of play to help people achieve greater emotional health.

The platform

The Happify platform is built to rapidly take scientific, evidence-based practice and convert the practice into highly engaging and behavior changing modules.
  • Multi-platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Secure: AWS HIPAA compliant
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Allows flexible integration including SSO, eligibility file upload, or whatever best suites your organizational needs
  • Validated well-being measurement capabilities (Happiness scale, Resilience Inventory, Biometric sensors — PPG/HRV)
  • Localized to 6 languages in addition to English

The user experience

The user experience while firmly rooted in science, integrates the best of engagement technology and gaming to make the experience fun and enjoyable. Users directly experience the benefits of the activities for themselves while building valuable skills that can help change their moods, their outlook and, in the long run, their health.
My Favorite Track
Happify offers a wide variety of tracks or programs that help individuals work on areas of importance to them. Some of our users share which tracks have been most helpful to them.
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A Multicultural Experience

Managing stress and emotional health are global challenges. In 2017, Happify Health began the process of creating localized versions of Happify to address multicultural needs. Happify is now available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese. Each version is adapted to be culturally appropriate to ensure that content and the experience reflects cultural norms and practices. In addition, all versions reflect local market privacy and compliance requirements.