Health Care Payers

What we offer: payers

Happify Health offers health care payers an evidence-based, digital behavior change platform that is highly engaging and effective
Happify can help members and patients:
  • Improve resilience and cope better with stress
  • Reduce depressive symptoms and anxiety often associated with living with chronic conditions
  • Use mindfulness techniques for greater focus and reduced anxiety
  • Increase feelings of connectedness and decrease feelings of isolation
Our most recent randomized control study, compares results for a group of users who received Happify with a group of users with who received a psychoeducational intervention.  After accounting for natural improvement over time, Happify users experienced greater improvements in depressive symptoms, anxiety and resilience when compared to the group receiving psychoeducational activities.1
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Emotional Resilience & Well-being Solutions for Total Population Management

Resilience and Well-being Solutions for Total Population Management

Resilience and well-being solutions form the core of Happify and create a foundation for additional programs and services.
A robust set of core services provide employees with 24/7 access to:
  • Over 60 evidence-based programs with 2,500 variations of interventions and activities covering a wide variety of topics
  • Over 300 guided meditation audio tracks
  • Multifaceted engagement including biosensors, meditations, games, sweepstakes, daily content channel, community support and forums
  • Personalized experience via assessments, ongoing interaction and personal choice
  • Daily inspiration & motivation
  • Reminders & notifications
Happify is the most positive experience that has restored ‘hope’. I could never put a price on having my daughter say, “Wow, you really are back to normal”.
Sally S., Portland, OR.

Behavioral Health Solutions for Payers

Health care payers that want to go further to proactively help members and patients who may be at risk for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety can easily integrate Happify into other system resource and referral programs.
With Happify, you can:
  • Trigger additional screenings and assessments
  • Automatically generate referrals
  • Connect to additional resources such as tele-behavioral services
  • Monitor results

Chronic Conditions

Happify provides members with actionable resources they can use to reduce stress, depressive symptoms and anxiety that often accompany a chronic condition such as diabetes, chronic pain, insomnia and heart disease.
Happify supports health care payers by:
  • Enabling MBI support for specific chronic conditions
  • Providing screening and clinical assessment for comorbid depression and anxiety
  • Allowing for multiple enrollment and activation paths
  • Adding general chronic conditions tracks
  • Enabling the chronic condition-specific community feature
  • Providing enhanced reporting and tracking capabilities
  • Facilitating referrals

Comprehensive Program Support for Payers

Comprehensive Support for Payers

Through rigorous testing, we have optimized our experience, including communication and outreach. As a result, we understand what it takes to engage individuals and keep them coming back. Included with every Happify implementation is a robust suite of tools that takes you successfully from launch through ongoing communications.