Mental health is a serious issue for employers.

Did you know?

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    1 in 4 adults over 18 suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition[1]
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    Over 70% of these adults never seek help[1]
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    200 million workdays are lost each year due to depression at an estimated cost of $17 to $44 billion[1]

We help employers reverse these numbers. Of the people who use Happify at the recommended level:

  • 86%

    experience improvement within two months with regular use[2]

  • 21%

    in resilience[3]

  • 25%

    in depressive symptoms and anxiety[3]

We support the entire emotional health continuum from leadership development and wellness to screening and support for diagnosable mental health conditions.

  • Over 70% of people suffering from depression and anxiety don’t receive treatment. With our destigmatized approach, Happify can reach—and help—people who don’t even know they need help.
  • Our solution is global, available in eight languages and provides a consistent, science-based platform to allow measurement and scale while also adapting to local language and culture.
  • We turn the current behavioral health ecosystem with its fragmented, siloed approach on its head. Our platform easily integrates into an organization’s ecosystem to break down barriers, extending and enhancing existing resources.
Happify can have a positive impact on how employees develop the skills they need to thrive in the workplace. Hear a few of their stories.