Managing stress and emotional health are global challenges.

In 2017, Happify Health began the process of creating localized versions of Happify to address multicultural needs.

Screenshot of Happify mobile app in smartphone frame
With the help of a team of translators, editors and science advisors, Happify is now available in Spanish, Standard French, Canadian French, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Fidelity to both science and culture

Each version maintains rigorous adherence to the behavior change science. Activities are adapted to reflect local culture norms and practices. GDPR compliant.

Como project manager tengo que trabajar con muchas personas y es importante estar tranquilo y estar consciente de la importancia de las cosas. Happify me ha ayudado mucho en esto.
As a project manager I have to work with a lot of people and it's important to stay calm and be aware of what's important. Happify has helped me a lot with that.