Poor mental health compounds the problems of poor physical health.

  • 2-3x icon
    2-3 times medical cost expense compared to those without comorbid mental health conditions1
  • 293b icon
    $293 billion estimated in additional cost1
  • 50b icon
    $50 billion estimated savings through effective integration of medical and behavioral health care1

Validated results

Our most recent randomized control study compares results for a group of participants who used Happify at the recommended level (a minimum of 16 activities completed over 8 weeks) with all other study participants.2

  • 25%

    in depressive symptoms

  • 25%

    in anxiety

  • 21%

    in resilience

  • Trigger additional screenings and assessments
  • Automatically generate referrals
  • Connect to additional resources such as tele-behavioral services
  • Enable MBI support for specific chronic conditions
  • Monitor results
  • Support diverse multicultural populations
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Help for the untreated

Over 70% of individuals suffering from depression and anxiety don’t receive treatment. With its destigmatized approach, Happify can reach and help people who don’t even know they need help. As a software-based tool, it not only dramatically increases accessibility—not possible with human-based intervention models—but it can enhance the integration of medical and behavioral resources with earlier identification and guidance to appropriate care before claims are identified.

Happify has given me perspective on what has the biggest impact on happiness. It makes it easy to reflect on the great people and parts of your life.