What would be the commercial value of a drug that is used 2-3 times per week for 8 weeks:

  • 30%

    Decreased depressive symptoms and anxiety1

  • 30%

    Adoption rate for patients offered the drug2

  • 58%

    Adherence to drug after 2 months2

  • 40%

    Adherence to drug after 1 year2

  • 86%

    Of compliant patients reporting measurable improvement3

Happify is not a pharmaceutical drug but a digital therapeutic platform that has been shown in Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) and Real World Evidence (RWE) studies to help its users reduce stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. All of which are highly prevalent in most diseases treated by pharmaceutical drugs.

Happify Health partners with pharmaceutical companies in 4 ways:

Pre-prescription. We focus on using our core, non-FDA cleared platform to attract and retain patients with specific medical conditions that are comorbid with mental health challenges and then educate them on their various therapeutic options.

Post-prescription. We work with a pharmaceutical company’s existing patient population for a specific medical condition to help patients better manage their mental health challenges. This non-FDA cleared product could be part of existing Patient Support Programs, for example.

Adjunct therapies. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to develop FDA cleared, stand-alone, and prescribed digital therapies for specific medical conditions that are comorbid with anxiety and depression to improve the patient’s overall wellbeing.

Combined therapies. We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials to demonstrate the added value of combining HappifyDTx with an existing drug treatment regimen to improve patient outcomes through FDA cleared, combined therapies.

I feel more appreciative about what my body can do instead of focusing on the things that hurt and the ways I'm limited due to my illness. It takes just a few minutes of your day, but you may wish you could spend more time with it!